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Born Again Design

About Us

Sustainable and luxurious creations.

Born Again Design is a Miami based company focused on creative, artisanal re-purposing of luxurious and sustainable materials. We produce three lines:

Greensewn, which repurposes vintage silk saris into gorgeous one of a kind scarves, wraps, and accessories.

Chai Jewels, a bohemian-luxury line of talisman jewelry using natural precious and semi-precious stones and recycled metals.

Born Again Luxury, a made in Miami line of accessories using re-purposed luxury brand components and recycled metals. 


Born Again Design is an evolved and  broader vision sister to our original business established in 2010,   After 30+ years traveling the world as a shoe importer and buying agent, our founder Dan Shir was looking for a business that had a gentler footprint on the environment. Searching for unique and sustainable ideas, Dan discovered a small market in Old Delhi, India, selling vintage second hand saris and was amazed by the incredible designs and gorgeous, eye popping bright colors. Typically these saris were  were procured by "sari-wallahs" who go house to house bartering with housewives, trading home utensils for old saris. This seemed to be a perfect eco-friendly, sustainable input for upcycling. Our first product was Tia's, a line of sandals with interchangeable silk sari straps. After a couple of years however, we decided that scarves were a better use of saris, and Greensewn was born. With the addition of Born Again Design, we hope to broaden our line beyond sewn products, to include things such as jewelry employing recycled metals, responsibly sourced gemstones, re-purposed luxury brand materials, and creative, sustainably made home goods. 


We are passionate about beautiful, sustainable and ethically produced products. We believe that creative re-purposing results in the lowest environmental footprint production method possible. First, because no or minimal additional resources need to be extracted from the earth. Second, because in many cases we save something from going to a landfill. Third, because buying re-purposed negates the need to purchase something else that most likely has been made from "new" materials. 



In todays world, widespread destruction of forests has destroyed habitats and is a major contributor to climate change. We believe that sustainable agriculture and re-forestation of degraded lands are essential to the long term health of our planet. Since our founding in 2010, we have supported Trees For the Future, ( by planting a tree with every purchase.


Look good, feel good

We know you have a choice, and appreciate your shopping with us. To our thoughtful and ethical customers, we say thanks.


Born Again Design Team




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